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Social media strategy - help on hand

Posted 2014-10-28 12:00:00

Amanda Coleman Communication has the solution for businesses and organisations struggling with developing a social media strategy.

Consultant Amanda Coleman has been successfully training communicators on a recent London based workshop and can now offer the same for you. The course covered how to develop an effective digital engagement strategy and what aspects should be included.

Making the most of social media is essential for any business or organisation and without it they could be losing ground to rivals. But for many getting started in the digital arena is a worrying thing that needs extra support and guidance.

"There is a simple and clear process that can be followed to develop an effective digital engagement strategy for any company," said Amanda. "All it needs is someone to be able to stand back and talk people through the process, and that is support I can offer.

"The recent workshop was enjoyable and highlighted the real benefits that social media can bring if it is approached in a structured and clearly thought through way."

If you feel your business or organisation would benefit from support to develop a digital engagement strategy or you have staff requiring training in using social media then Amanda Coleman Communication can help.